Sunday, August 2, 2020

How to Create gmail id

How to create Gmail email id
Gmail which is a well know email id which is free from google.Today we will see how to create a new Gmail id.
To create a new Gmail id we need to first Signup or Create a Google account.Once you create the Google account you can use same account to use most of the google products like Gmail,Youtube,Google drive.
Below are the Steps to Create new Gmail Id:

1) Visit or Click this link Gmail or Google account signup link
2) You would see the below screen after opening the above "Gmail or Google account signup link"
a) Enter the First name ,Last name which you want to have on your newly created Gmail Account
b)Enter the Username the for Gmail which you want to create and remember this gmailid as you need it to login or signin to any Google account later
c)Enter Password(Keep a good strong password which you should remember aswell) in the Next Give the same Password to Confirm and this  most important is You should remember  as this password we use to open every time Gmail or any google realted account.

3) Click Next  When you click Next (Next is the Button in Blue which i am referring) you would see below screen to Verify your Phone Number

4)Provide your Phone Number "Check the Flag on left side and correct it" as this will be used to Send message to your phone

5)Click next Google will send you a text message which contains 6-digit verification code ,which you need to give in Next screen to Verify if its really you.

6)After you enter the correct 6-digit code which is sent to your phone and Verify you are done.Creating the New Gmail account you can use the same account to use other Google products aswell.

7)After Verifying it will Ask for few More details you are done creating Gmail you would see Gmail is opened for you

Happy Emailing Gmailing 😃

8) After Step 2) we have a option of  "Sign in Instead" as well as if you already have a gmail account you can Sign in directly.

Here we will have various tutorials to create gmail id

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